Living rooms are so beautiful, but when we don’t have enough space in our homes to actually live there, things can get really serious. There’s anFrede Kimm Architects team that did a wonderful job creating a beautiful wall scenery for storing all the objects in the house, from the television to the decorative objects. Notice the wall-mounted shelves that provide a nice sitting area for this oversized bed. Situating the bed where you feel you feel you truly need it most often.

And then there’s the wardrobe, between the two beds, with drawers in black and white stripes. Practical and useful, it’s the perfect place to store the things you need most often and it also keeps a good space to store your shoes, clothes, books and similar things. I could hang my clothes from the bed like a picture frame and my body can be rearranged in order to obtain the optimal position.

I have to admit that in this photo the designer didn’t give me bad view, but rather a smile.{found on hisugarplum}.