This wall covering is not unusual, mostly because most artists have used wallpaper for the walls. However, if you look carefully you will see that it is a type of vinyl wallpaper that you have to live with. Very unusual, indeed. Wall murals are meant to give personality to the rooms, don’t you use it? Well, some very interesting models might do the trick.

These prints are very appropriate for modern and even contemporary living rooms. They look great, like watercolor paintings, not very contemporary but still nice to look at, even if your children are usually preoccupied by them. As you can see this room is not the most spacious in the house, so lots of different colors were used. And I also like the white ceilings and the large living room flooring. The only thing I don’t like is the crinkled love sign. Well, if you have young children and don’t have a big house, still kids will love the crinkled love sign.{found on}

Wall Poster For Living Room Makeover Photo 2

Wall Poster For Living Room Makeover Photo 3