The Wall House was designed by MU Architecture, based in the Chilean city of Santiago. And did you know that this project is located in an eco-friendly village called “El Praumba”, or Santiago de Chile? Yes, that’s right, this villa is located in an eco-friendly village called Llano de la Siesta, in the city of Santiago, Chile.

Eco-friendly, energy-efficient and appropriate for an Australian family, this house was designed to live with the environment. At the same time it manages to combine a modernist style with comfort and minimalist design.

The ground floor is covered with grey stone on the exterior and zinc on the interior. On the first floor there are two more units; an apartment for three, the house for four. They are all in zinc and grey on the facade and on the interior walls. The second floor has wooden louvers that shade the swimming pool. zinc serves as an obstruction to the views and at the same time help regulate the temperature. Heat is gained through the ground floor as well as the swimming pool. The efficient and simple construction offers a sense of security and simplicity without sacrificing comfort. A house designed for an urban family with one cup of sun and plenty of privacy.{found on archdaily}.

Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room Photo 3