Usually, when you decide to redecorate the house, there are two main strategies you have to follow: first is to try to preserve as much as possible the original features of the house and second is to redesign and refurnish the house. In the case of the place designed by AnBlost, its walls and ceilings got a makeover and were updated.

With the renovation, the interior got a whole new look. The living room got a fresh look and was transformed into an office. Many, besides the workspace, major features of this home were repainted. The color palette is also restraint and features many dark and depressing colors such as brown or grey. Some of the furniture features wood and show a more aggressive look as well as those used for the backsplash and some of the doors were repainted and upholstered using leather.

The living room, kitchen and dining room were painted with warm neutrals and then the decor also got a makeover. The walls were painted with wallpaper made of natural sheep wool. Wood was used for the stairs but other decorative elements and also the dining room features a more modern décor. It’s a combination of modern and traditional elements and the result is a very charming and interesting mix.