Hotel Burejau is located in Brussels, Belgium and it features an interior that combined traditional and modern elements with a little drama for dramatic effect. The room décor is typically traditional and mostly white with black accents but the added decorations can include other colors and the lighting is also usually very interesting and eye-catching. This is a very successful blend of styles.

The hotel features a very interesting interior design. It has a layout generally similar to those shared between several different styles. However, there are also small details where there are differences. In this case the décor is more simple and the furniture is simple. The rooms are not used to be minimalist. They are inviting and comfortable and they also have a very inviting look. Hotel Burejau is a very modern and minimalist place.

As expected, the views are very beautiful and, because the hotel has so many locations, it can accommodate several types of guests. These vary from private terraces or verandas to more common such as a double room that offer all the intimacy and privacy Belgian living standards. Hotel Burejau was built in 2007 and it’s a stunning retreat. The style chosen is somewhere between modern and traditional. It’s somewhere in between traditional Parisian types and yet it manages to impress and to fit very well in a variety of decors and settings.

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The décor is very beautiful but especially the way the light fixture were chosen, the way the colored bricks contrast with the white walls and the way the flowing green grass looks so inviting and comfortable. In addition, the furniture is also very beautiful and beautiful.

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The hotel offers 11 rooms and villas and 4 full bedrooms. Two have king-sized beds and one has queen-sized beds. The interior is very beautiful but it also has a little bit of sophisticated charm that makes it even more irresistible. The hotel’s guests can enjoy island day or Thai walks on the white sand and then have a snack on a variety of dishes. The outdoor dining is indeed mind blowing. You feel like you’re bite a delicious delicious coconut (or not, unless you have left the seal off). The personalized dessert stand is the perfect place for preparing delicious honeymoon dinner. If you preferary general, than you can also have the silver cumrim, tea and a large selection of cakes. Then just feel free to visit the hotel’s botanical garden. It’s actually so very welcoming!{found on youngonsnapster}.