Some types of living rooms are so big and spacious that it would be a very difficult task to divide an entire living room amply size. Here’s a very beautiful example that addresses that idea. This particular living room has a very simple but also very inviting and pleasant décor. It’s also very elegant and stylish.

The sofa is the only piece of furniture in the living room, since that’s what mostly matters. The two small black poufs are perfect for this setting. They provide a comfy support and an even more cozy and casual look while also being very functional and comfortable. The velvet accent pillows are just what the room needed to feel extra cozy.

Victorian Style Living Room Set Up With A Blue Shade Sofa Photo 2

The deep blue poufs in the picture are indeed very beautiful and very beautiful. They set a color palette that suits the whole décor. It’s why such bold and vibrant colors are not usually used in this room. The combination with the soft and light wood-plastic chandelier is very beautiful and very elegant. It’s a simple detail that makes everything fall into place.

The rest of the room remains neutral, a sort of black and white palette. The brown leather sofas and the couch almost blend into the whole décor. The paintings on the walls and those square ornamental wooden doors are also very charming. The large abstract painting is a very beautiful and very pleasant addition. It adds a touch of color to the room without being overwhelming.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.