Here’s a great design for those that prefer simplicity and beauty and comfort. A very nice collection that was designed for Urbanink furniture and that also includes accessories. It’s a very simple collection, not very different, just what you usually find yourself in such environments. Almost everything seems to be simple and minimalist. It’s the main focus, nothing else.

The collection includes very practical and beautiful furniture pieces. They range from very basic designs to somewhat more artistic creations where the designer creates a whole new type of décor. For example this one features white cushions on a light-colored base and the entire collection features some sort of lighting that creates an intimate, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Victorian Living Room Furniture Set Photo 2

Another collection similar to this one is the table/ lounge chair. This one also features a table from the same collection that also has a small storage area underneath. The two pieces share the same minimalist designs, shapes and lines and together they look very refined. This collection is great for elegant and traditional decors while mixing them with more modern elements such as a farmhouse-style dining room for example or more contemporary options.

Victorian Living Room Furniture Set Photo 5