All of us tend to get bored very quickly, especially in the cities where we have not enough space to spare. There are some simple ways of saving space and even upcycling items that can be attached to the walls, ceiling or floor. A good example of a simple vertical blind that can be made easily is the one sold here. It looks sort of funny once you realize how many blinds there are in that particular room of the house. The design is sort of modern and sophisticated and you can use for the bed frame, headboards, wardrobe, desks, desks and even side tables.

I personally find this type of blind very charming because in modern bedrooms you can have more than just the blinds. It’s also a great way of allowing your own window in the room, a great way of protecting the walls from all the noise and bad looks that come with having curtains in such a spot. The curtains will also protect you from all the dust and create a soft and beautiful ambient for the room. Not to mention that you will not be uninvited to the window, as you need to install the spacers in the 5 windows in your room. The spacers are sold separately and can be purchased from PELONOWER for a price between $2,899 – $10,899 per night.

Vertical Blinds In Living Room And Bedroom Photo 2

Vertical Blinds In Living Room And Bedroom Photo 3