There are so many different styles and designs when it comes to choosing a single color for the interior décor, that it would relatively difficult for someone to even try to describe them. Still, a single color can definitely change the atmosphere from an ordinary one into a very cozy and pleasant one. This particular coffee table presents an interesting choice because it features an interesting mix of colors: dark and bright.

It’s a vibrant and joyful colors but it’s also a medium tone of beige, brown or grey. The table is simple and yet it has a strong visual impact. It would best be placed in a corner where it would best show in and the red square in front of it. The table is part of the Stylite Series and it was designed by Matti Klenell. Originally presented on the futuristic and modern trends, the table now focuses on simplicity, innovative designs and upholstery.

The painted table top will allow the owner to create him a very pleasant décor that would best serve to enhance his enthusiasm. The table gained an eye-catching look. The table has a rectangular shape, just like the one in the picture and it’s accessorized with various types of stools, poufs, chairs, side tables, bookshelves, etc. The main difference between the two styles is the color of the table. The Stylite tables, as you can see, are made from steel and walnut and they are available in transparent, frosted or solid lacquered finish.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Paint Color Photo 3