Nature is always a source of comfort for people. A beautiful source of culture, an excellent medium for presenting us beautiful products. A building material which man has created so it can offer us comfort has always represented the highest social and cultural mission. One of the main tasks for the architect was to work with furniture pieces made of leather.

Stacks of books, cultural objects and art galleries made the efforts. The Chants Collection, a collection of books and objects using leather has now been expanded by NISH.NTuaki Architects transforming the shelving system into an armchair, an art object and a key piece in the apartment design.To furnish and change the storage spaces we have selected in order to create spacious and functional rooms. When we have measured, plan, built and managed to create all these rooms we have to specify three essential elements:
A) Use the height that is necessary to take advantage of the space.

B) Triple-use furniture (for sitting, lying, leaning, and holding things – like books, newspaper, actors’s portraits, etc.) is the main system we have adopted.

C. The room is completed by a lounge chair with memory foam cushions and leather armrests, designed for intimate gatherings (for dinner, phone or lunch), because of its softness and the use of space.

D. Reuse and repurpose previously obsolete objects and devices, recycling them for unique objects which have become obsolete or do not fit in with the trend and need of design and decoration.

The only exception can be the table and chairs which have become practically usable.

The designers have combined more than necessary and have tried to adapt both as they went to the specific functionality of each of the pieces of furniture.

Almost all the pieces of furniture have double backing or rounded edges. Even the steps are designed to put their shoes on where they rest, the table is very practical and the chairs are functional (unless they fall off or need to be moved).

The living room is located on the second storey. The walls are either white and the ceiling is covered with small ceramic tiles. The effect here is to create a large white rug and to make the flooring the star of the room. To solve this problem, the floor was extended on the third floor.

In the master bedroom, the flooring had to be recessed. This allowed the designer to create a recessed bench which can also be used as a small side table.

As a final requirement, the curtains were reupholstered, a wood veneer curtain lining the back of the bed.”

Photos courtesy of n+a arquitetosse arquitetos Associados