Furniture is usually the first thing we see in the room. We usually with open shelves in the living room, we see a lot of paintings or a lot of books on that table. However, it’s difficult to create a unique set of furniture because you need to use combinations of different pieces of furniture that are carefully combined. Elegant pieces of furniture are usually those with a strong and robust look. However, hybrid pieces of furniture are quite common.

This is a very good example of a french provincial living room. The living room is very airy and seems very spacious. That’s because there’s no room where you can’t use all the pieces. Notice how airy is the room without a lot of furniture. There are no books on the shelves, so that’s another important aspect. Then, when you want to use any of the room, you have to have a clear view of everything, from the walls to the bed from the drawers. This allows you to maintain a clean design and it also makes the room seem casual. All you have to do now is choose the furniture that you prefer, the color and model.

I find this living room particularly beautiful because it features such a colorful and fun house. There are so many beautiful details, like the wallpaper with the word “love” and other accessories such as the lamps, the sofa and the bed from the bedroom. This is a stylistic image, a modern one, colorful and bright. The best thing about it is that it’s a functional and creative piece of furniture. It really looks like a home, with light colors and modern furniture.

Used French Provincial Living Room Furniture Photo 4