Living room end tables are usually very simple and they feature a specific color or material or are made of multiple pieces that can be combined in order to create a larger space. This type of furniture is very appreciated because it’s simple and lack of details and decorative elements. Also, it’s very versatile. It has an informal look and it can be easily included in areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc.

The Eames end table is a classic piece of furniture that instantly gains individuality to any living room. It’s also a beautiful and very versatile accent piece that can be successfully integrated in a variety of decors. It features a classic white finish, with subtle wood cracks that create a romantic glow. It’s a rare opportunity to find such a piece. The dimensions of this piece are 20? wide x 15? long x 14? tall. It has a simple and yet bold design, surrounded by delicate shapes.

The Eames end table is available in several different colors. With a natural walnut finish, this also gains a subtle vintage brown finish but in this case a more dramatic dark stain. The table is made of solid hardwoods. Its overall dimensions are 34w 34d 18?h and it comes with a 6-year warranty. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture with simple, elegant and stylish design and a chic and casual look that makes it perfect for almost any décor. It’s also a versatile piece that can be sued as a dining table, bar, bookcase or office.

Unique Living Room End Tables By Paolo Reza Martins Photo 3

Unique Living Room End Tables By Paolo Reza Martins Photo 4