The living room is usually where you store all the things you have on daily basis or that you need to decorate properly according to your needs. Here it is a fact that this room is not designed just for watching your TV, but also for relaxing your body and offering you a comfortable position so that you can face all your problems together.

The design of this room is simple, yet elegant, there are all sorts of combinations of white color, but also of wood nuances that create a warm, but nice atmosphere. The presence of wood in the living room gives the impression of natural and warm house and gives the impression of wideness and peace. The living room is spacious and has plenty of space for a comfortable body and a pleasant conversation with a woman. White and so combined a spacious living room that can also become a comfortable bedroom or kitchen.

Two Tvs In Living Room Photo 2

The kitchen is also white and this creates the idea of space and light when used chaotically. The kitchen furniture was designed by A-cero and the same thing can be said about the bedroom, the bed or the whole room. The kitchen is a combination between wood and white. The bedroom area can be made private or part of a suite, designed for a single person that stays near the house.{found on dezeen}.

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