Sometimes when you’re living in a house you feel like living more than you do occasionally. However, that’s definitely not the case for the owners of this house. This house is located somewhere in the countryside and it’s like a haven for its owners. It’s a very beautiful home, perfect for relaxation and for spending time with friends.

It seems natural to use living room window treatments to protect the room from all the moisture and humidity. However, the situation is not exactly fair. It’s why you would expect to see wooden or acoustic floors or unfinished floors from these living rooms. Anyway, the décor is friendly and soothing and the accent is on color. There are vibrant colors everywhere you look. It’s not easy to integrate such vivid colors into a room but in this case it’s a nice trick that makes the décor stand out. Who knows, maybe there will be a change.

Whether you opt for a vivid color or a muted one, the room is opened with sofas and chairs and with sofas too. The windows are not as large so there’s not much going on. The living room seems to be the perfect choice for a large, open space. The fireplace is very inviting and features gray walls. It’s a very bright and vibrant space and it has some mid-century modern furniture that makes it even more inviting.

The dining room is also very sunny and bright. The walls are bright and white and the floor shares a color for one of them. The fireplace is not there just for the pictures with the owners. It’s usually a great addition to a living room, making entertaining a little more fun. If you want to add a turquoise accent element, you could paint the walls a nice orange tone and the ceiling turpeal.{picture sources:1,2,3,and 4}.

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