Donna Elle Blanc is an interior designer who has been decorating this space since 1987. It’s a very friendly and vibrant house and that’s not even pretentious. As a result, the dresser has the potential of becoming very appreciated by the kids and it’s both stylish and versatile, not to mention eye-catching.

The living room that you see here is very warm and cozy. It has a very elegant feel and it looks extremely inviting. That’s mostly due to the colors sued as well as the beautiful textures and lines. Several bold touches of color here and there add dynamic to the room. The walls have been painted in a pastel tone, while the furniture has a classical and simple design.

Tv On Dresser In Living Room By Donna Elle Blanc Photo 4

If you look closely, you can see that the walls have been painted in a vibrant tone. The suspended headboard is definitely an interesting detail. It adds color and dynamism to the décor. The children’s room is interestingly decorated. It has a series of colorful chairs and a tufted headboard. Some of the walls are covered with wallpaper and it instantly gives the room a casual look. The rest of the furniture is usually colored in simple and neutral tones. Pink is one of the colors, used here as a strong choice. It was used mostly in combination with white.

Tv On Dresser In Living Room By Donna Elle Blanc Photo 5