The Tuscan style living room is usually associated with the comfort of a luxurious home. It features a very warm and cozy décor and extremely detailed details. In terms of furniture and accessories, the living room is usually very simple. It’s mainly furnished with nothing but wide stackable pieces and elegant and colorful furniture. It’s an impression given by the simplicity of the overall aspect.

Modern and contemporary living rooms look better with a type of furniture that has neither thin lines nor pale colors. In this case, the living room is not extremely small. It’s just furnished with simple pieces such as a brown sofa, a big sofa in the same color and a smaller coffee table. This creates a similar division of the décor. The furniture is either matchy or sleek. Depending on the style, it can be either modern or traditional.

In the case of the living room, a modern look is usually associated with simplicity and elegance. Even though the space doesn’t usually look like it’s perfectly delimitated, it’s still a harmonious décor. It’s a very nice style for this part of the house. The living room is also decorated with a relaxing and serene décor. When sitting in the sofa you feel cozy and relaxed. It’s why a series of sofas create a very pleasant atmosphere. A large sofa allows the users to relax and enjoy a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

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The TV is strategically placed close to the wooden elements. It’s an unusual choice but, since it must be done in such a manner, it’s not going to be a common choice. The TV is just the accent feature that completes the room, being an extra point of interest for the décor.

The fireplace is very beautiful. It’s very elegant and stylish and it features a stone surround that very charming and stylishly matches the style of the fireplace. The chocolate brown fireplace facing the fireplace wall is a very nice and beautiful accent detail. The other colorful elements that create color and also serve as decorative elements are a comfy pillowcase and several throw pillows with exotic floral patterns and floral prints. The overall décor is modern and very stylish.{found on athomearkansas}.