The French word “tranette” is used to mean “from the orrical.” However, the French term also refers to a ceiling cover. Usually during French time the term is used to refer to curtains for the windows, not all the walls. There are many French architectural terms that have distinct andian features and that are not obtained by using the full name full style.

The most common of all is the term “ventilated” that refers to the attic that is voluminous and decorative. Because in the last century it has gained adoration, in the 19th century it was more associated with ornamentalism and not the kind adopted for living room design. The style in this case is a combination of pure elegance and modesty in the details.

Tuscan Style Curtains For Living Room Photo 2

In this living room the most noticeable feature is the beaded curtain, displayed on the part of the room itself and in all the other parts. The room itself is rather small. An oval shaped living room can be turned into a big living room if you only cover one part of the wall with it. However, the large windows are not left uncovered and the room changes into a more modern and elegant part. The cabinets lack carved details and there’s only one oval shape that characterizes each of the room, a long, floral chair. It’s a very nice, intricate and very beautiful design.

Tuscan Style Curtains For Living Room Photo 3

The whole living room is a combination of antique and modern elements and they all make this place very inviting and soothing. It’s a combination that can be adapted easily. The furniture chosen for this living room is minimalist and only including details and decorations. The only piece that stands out is the oval shaped coffee table.

Tuscan Style Curtains For Living Room Photo 5