When decorating a home, every single room is important and you have to be careful to use approximately the same color on all the walls and ceiling. It’s good to already have a cohesive and uniform décor, but if you want the rooms to look airy and calm you can also add some color and texture to the space through patterns. For example this turquoise picture brings color in a subtle way.

The colors are easily mixed and combined in any way you want. The walls are usually neutral and the ceiling and the furniture and decorations could be subtle and colorful but not totally. The pictures speak for themselves. Succulents are the detail that bring freshness and color to any home. This turquoise picture brings freshness and style to any home.

I personally like simple designs. I also like to choose neutral tones like white and beige. To add some contrast, combine turquoise with colorful patterns. Of course, you could mix turquoise with other pastel shades like pale blue or light gray. You could also combine turquoise with other terracotta colors such as mushroom green, red, peach or purple.

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Turquoise is a color that can either be used in or as a strong accent color. Combining it with strong colors like red, yellow or purple can be successful. In this case you can opt for those tones regardless of the shade you’ve chosen. You can also spice up the décor with some small hints of bright turquoise such as in this light blue pouf that we found on sweette. Also, touches of turquoise could spice up the décor with a bold pillow or area rug. It’s a really vibrant color but it’s not as vibrant as it could have.

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You could also combine different tones of turquoise with others soft shades like plum or other similar shades. Turquoise is a beautiful color but it’s also a subtle pastel tone which can be easily mixed with other shades. You could opt for a very warm and cozy color palette if you include it in the décor.

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