There’s not much of a color in the living room, probably because usually nothing gets to see you like that. However, with every event, there’s always something interesting to observe, something unique to spot on “side” of the room. This time we come across a very beautiful living room that features a turquoise accent wall and we made the mistake to just write these “lots you’ll please” things on the wall.

Not only is this living room turquoise eye-catching but it’s also a fresh, cool and vibrant addition to the room. To create a beautiful balance, we can’t say we’ve done a lot and we still need to find some other ideas to improve it. You can come up with any combination you like. For example, you could use turquoise in the living room although it’s not a must. It’s what brings the color to life.

There’s also the possibility of having a certain tone in the room and it can be warm and happy without necessarily being bold and powerful. As you know, every color is unique and it can be combined with all sorts of textures and finishes in order to create the desired ambiance. You can add extra bits of color by choosing one of the tones for example the green shades have from the beginning which can be very bold.

Turquoise Accent Wall Living Room Ideas By Marti Guixe Photo 3

Another way of bringing color into your home without using paint is through accent pillows, blankets and decorative items. Choose your favorite tones of turquoise and combine them for a refreshing yet simple and fun design. You can also add a strong accent color such as orange or red to complement the pillows, combine two or more colors or even create a cohesive design that suites your home.

Turquoise Accent Wall Living Room Ideas By Marti Guixe Photo 4

It can also be fun to add a bold accent piece using throw pillows, pillows, vases, lanterns or even chairs featuring these colors. It’s also possible to play with different shades of turquoise and to introduce other colors into the mix as well, like yellow for example. Another color that can be used in this context is blue.