Every room needs a change. In the case of the dining room, that means the height at which it should be displayed needs to be the same or slightly lower. Most often, the living room is not at all light. However, you can do this if there’s enough space available somewhere in the room. In order to highlight this space and make the transition smooth and seamless, it would be nice to use some artwork or to decorate the walls.

A beautiful dining room almost always features a décor that’s mostly neutral and simple with some hints of color. It’s a refreshing image for such a room but, in order to be able to distinguish between all the different colors, textures and patterns, you need to create an original distribution. It can a nautical-themed décor, a rustic contemporary interior or a country-themed décor. Nevertheless, these are all examples that work well.

A living room needs to be comfortable as well as inviting. It needs to be large and to show the users a sense of warmth and beauty. To make any room look cozy, it would be nice to use colors such as maple wood or other similar materials. An accent wall needs to be different from any other wall so, if possible, paint it a warm color such as teal or yellow or use the same colors in other nay accent pieces such as furniture legs or carpets. There’s also the possibility of having too much color, especially during the winter.

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Another great advantage for living rooms is that the space is usually not that big. It’s why colors are especially nice. You can choose between a variety of shades. A balanced décor can be created if all the colors are used in the right way or there are smaller elements that can only be used as accent pieces.{picture 1 from thehousethatlarsbuilt}.

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