Swedish furniture has long changed its appearance and design. However, at the same time it developed a new trend which makes it also useful, interesting and appropriate for different cultures. It is now fashionable and it looks better than ever. We can now say that there is a new invented kind of design and this is the furniture set Tuft.The Tuft sofa system was created by Bjarme Hechtling for Modernace. It is a series of sofas, each of them having its own distinctive design and look. They are arranged in an ergonomic manner and at the same time are presented in such a way to make them attractive and desired.

The tufted sections are made by connecting a common frame with two small cushions. There is a singleovable cover which is made of breathable fabric, but also soft and thick, being a suitable option for sensitive people. The sofa system can be easily mixed and matched with a variety of other sofas, available in standard, extended and detached versions, regardless of style and the number of guests. They are available in black, earthy brown, yellow, beige and black, each with its own distinctive and unique color and pattern.