Anyone who has already seen the movies can probably visualize the same thing: two vacations behind closed doors in a tiny trailer wagon, with a roof terrace and very little effort. You might think that this is a great solution, but you’d be surprised to find out that it’s nothing like that.

It involves a very ingenious system of interior padding that sticks on everything and doesn’t allow the visitors to move around so much. You have the option of padding the couch with waterproof material or you can change the whole hardware. I’m telling you, you should keep it for temporary. Nothing permanent. The padding is temporary and it will probably be striped away after the winter is over. The room is provided with a pull-out side table for all your Trios game cards, encouraging the kids to useadders.

All the furniture from this temporary solution comes in wood, maple, bleached ash and grey paint. The Christmas tree is in the first room, the toys in the second and the other family members have their place in room 3. You can fill the remaining space with books to decorate the kids’ room and you can also use it as room game. The wooden ladder from the stairs is already apparent that matches nicely the color of the furniture. Under the stair there is a small office space for arts and crafts. The kitchen has lots of drawers and paintings and the cabinets come from the floor. The black and white tapestry on the wall matches the stairs.


Travel Trailer Front Living Room Photo 4

The bathroom contains all the parts: the facing cupboards, the shower, toilet and sink. A double sink vanity has also been installed and six round mirrors hanging above the relatively simple tub can reflect the light in both bathrooms. A wooden vanity on the wall right in front of the window and the toilet paper and tube collection is aaylor.{found on inouyandtech}.