If you want to create the impression of a bigger space than you actually are and you also need some light fixtures in the room you will have to come up with a daring combination. That is why we prefer our lamps to be very simple and yet very good-looking, like the Lotus table lamp. It has a simple and yet very interesting shape that is reminiscent of a flower shape. It is made of transparent glass and chrome finish, which makes it even more attractive.

The designer of this table lamp used just the right amount of contrast and brightness so that it looks like a king in the shade. The white lower part makes a frame perfect for the small round light bulbs inside, but also for the narrow strings that are used to connect all the parts. The designer opted for an elegant and modern design for the lamp, with tall and round lights in the base and smaller spots around the stem, just enough for the bulbs to work. The designer, once again proves his creativity and ability to combine black and chrome in a very interesting way, to create some spectacular effects.

Forget about round things…is this an unusual lamp shape? It looks a lot more appropriate for the dining room. The design is simple and modern, the lines are short and not very elegant, but they are stark when seen from the side, and they reflect the light coming from the round light fixture.

Traditional Table Lamps For Living Room Photo 3

Do people still miss the round things sometimes? Well, they shouldn’t, because they can make a very beautiful impression on someone, especially if it looks like this. It has a very simple and chic design created by Wendy Evans. The light it offers is soft and pleasant, a great choice for the bedroom.You can now purchase the round lamp – the hardest in practical things to make them unique and precious.

Traditional Table Lamps For Living Room Photo 5