Choosing furniture for your home just for fun is in essence a must. Chairs are a very nice investment if you want to have some peace and quiet every day. They are made for versatility and the functionality. If you want to be able to mix all the necessary chairs whenever you want to, you should choose a special piece of furniture for your living room, a one-piece chair, or a sofa.

The Chairs designed by Peter Stilson are available in black and white finish and have an elegant design at the same time. Their interesting shape is made of two parts; the first side of the sofa that is made of four thin metal legs and is made of metal, with an upholstered multilayer wooden frame and the second side, the frame made of plywood and fiberboard and has an elegant black finish.

The four legs with wood ball cap allows the user to tilt the seat appropriately. The base made of solid wood has a round sleek shape and sits atop three round pedestal legs. The four short legs are attached to a metal base and the top is simply a thin oval mirror that can rotate 360 degrees. Several colors of paint are available to achieve a range of colors and designs. If you like what you see here, you can purchase the set for $590 from our source.