When you have kids your house becomes very hard to organize and to have a nice home for all their needs. This means that there are a lot of items that need to be stored in there, that take space and that need to be nicely stored and stored away. Kids are small and nobody likes to be in the way of adults so there’s no point in making a decision when you have to choose something for their room. So what is a child without a nightstand? They need to store all the things that they need inside the house, from books to clothes and toys. They are small and funny and creative and they take a lot of space.

The Toy storage system is a very good solution for such cases. It’s actually a system that includes hanging baskets, small boxes to store the small items and hooks or drawers for the accessories. The system is made from natural bamboo and has a very simple design. It features empty jeans pockets and bamboo skewers. These are the primary features that every such a system should include. There’s also another detail that makes this storage system practical. It’s a foldable system that also has net blocks which eliminate the need of putting stairs in the room because they would be impossible to fold on their own. The dimensions of this unit are 18? x 17? x 1?. It’s easy to assemble and easy to store.

The Toy system was designed to be used in children’s rooms but it could also be used in a living room or bedroom. Moreover, it goes very well as an attachment for the door of the bed room sofa, as you can store clothes inside there. The blocks are built and they come in an ample space, about 12’’ tall. The unit is made from 100% commercial grade frame laminate post, laminate and laser cut aluminum. It’s freestanding and versatile and it goes perfectly with the modular sofa that replaced the bed in the studio. You can buy it for $3,000.00.

Toy Storage System Living Room With Hanging Baskets Photo 4

Toy Storage System Living Room With Hanging Baskets Photo 5