When you have a small home, the biggest problem remains the storage. It’s not even space. If you don’t have a lot of belongings, your room will be very limited. But instead of looking at it as a problem and making any space as a perfect as possible, you can use this very inspiring project as a source of inspiration. This is a storage furniture living room that used to look very sad. With a few small adjustments, the space can be turned into a bright, colorful and modern space for the living family.

This room got a major makeover. The walls were painted with chalkboard paint and the beams make things even more interesting. The striped ceiling with white trim gives it a fun touch and the round corner reading nook is the perfect place to relax and read a book.

Toy Storage Furniture Living Room Makeover Photo 2

The project was a real challenge and the results are impressive. The neutral color scheme helped us create a bold décor. The textures and patterns are what gives the room character and make it feel cozy. The bookshelves were filled with wood and this helped create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also granting the living room more comfort. The furniture was bought from IKEA and the pieces are all new and original. It’s unusual to see a furniture piece that doesn’t match the existing styles. Even though the owner is a collector of modern creations, he was happy with the first two years of storage space, because the second one cost him.