The word metria makes me feel like a little girl Kleen Bumfold. I am sure that this term has been familiar to many a woman’s life and has most often been associated with bed and shower. However, every woman gets her daily dose of beauty and hygiene. She needs a space in her bathroom to fit her morning cup of coffee and a perfumed glass of something. A little girl would like that but the parents’ attitude is not so simple.

The designer chose a simple and elegant approach for this house. Her goal is to think of the perfect modern lifestyle and not only but of everything she is furnishing. She wanted this place to look sophisticated and not so simple. So every furniture piece, every table and a chair were designed with in mind and everything was carefully chosen. Simple vases and decorative accessories have also been chosen and arranged in order to make the place more original and unique.

Tommy Bahama Living Room Decorating Ideas Photo 2

I know that some people wouldn’t pay much for a beautiful custom made cottage but if you really like it you will certainly love your new creation. Notice all the beautiful lavender flowers that give the room its personality. There are also some simple and rather simple white and black lampsshades placed all over the room, the simple desk and the matching night stands give you a hint of what the rest of the accents will be and hopefully they will match perfectly.

You can take your little girl to the beach and sit on the sand in the sun while you read their favorite book and take a relaxing bath in the sun near a wooden wall. It doesn’t have to look sophisticated or sophisticated because you can use all the things that you like from the beach to create a cozy and casual space where their favorite pieces will sit.

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