The fascinating thing about this living room is the way it’s decorated. It has an exotic and fascinatingly varied design, not to mention the huge variety of tiles used. It’s like a collation of colors and textures and all the details that make it special.The wall, as well as the other walls in the room are a continuous of color and they create a décor that’s not only complex but also feels like an inviting and fun home.

The wall is the most impressive part of this living room. It’s an unusual and seemingly simple wall, but it has talent. The tiles give it a chic look, while the tree wall makes it look more elegant and integrates perfectly into the whole picture. The color contrast is a real trademark of the designs.

Tiled Wall In Living Room By Designs By And Alicury Photo 2

Besides the wall, there are also several smaller features in the living room. These vary from chair and low table to wall and bed so that the space can be used for other purposes, also. The color palette is also diversified and includes some friendly and welcoming shades, like blue, grey, black, white and a little bit of yellow. The balance is beautiful and overall, the room looks inviting and relaxing.