For those who love the traditional and cold decor, thin rugs are the perfect choice. They are generally made of bamboo or white or burlap so they can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. However, some people prefer a delicate, soft design so they match with other or traditional pieces of furniture. For the living room, thin rugs are a very good choice. They tend to be extra cozy and warm so it’s a lot more pleasant to spend time there during winter.

You might think that having a thick rug in the living room is easier than having one in the bedroom. It’s true that not everyone likes a monotonous living room, especially in modern ones. To avoid that situation, you should decorate your living room in a way that looks like this. This one features multiple colors and multiple heights. The white rug is the central piece, plus the crazy transparent coffee table is the star.{found on weekdaycarnival}.

In an open floor living room, the rug can be the main piece. But in an original place like this one, where the white and brown are the main colors and you want to bring something new to the space, you might want to stick with a particular shade to make a small ruffle effect. In this case it’s actually the area rug that attracts the eye.{found on roomandfig}.

In a lot of open living rooms, the rug can be part of the entertainment plan. It can be the rug that covers the coffee table, the couch, the TV, the entertainment center and the bar or that it can be just another component to an open floor plan.{found on dwell}.

Contemporary residences have rugs in general, although there are different types and there are also plenty of options with soft textiles that help create comfortable spaces. This type of rug is just perfect for a powder room, bathroom or kitchen and it can be used in combination with the wooden flooring to create a pleasant and warm ambiance.{found on nestdesignstudio}.

Attic is a very special place and location for an open floor plan. It’s why this type of rugs is so popular. They have adapted to offer the perfect environment for the sofa. It can be the main piece complemented by a small coffee table and a fireplace.

A nice option is if you have a spacious living room and you want to create an accent wall. The rug can be the main piece, in which case the coffee table would also need to be placed at a comfortable distance from the sofa. The color can also coordinate with the rest of the decor.{found on nestdesignstudio}.

Rugs of different shapes and sizes can allow you to create an interesting wall decor on a wall that normally lacks it feature a border. This particular living room uses two rugs in one but, this doesn’t mean, the rugs themselves don’t double as beautiful artwork.