The bedroom is a space where people should feel comfortable and safe, a space where good friends and family members can gather and enjoy each other’s company. A bedroom should be as simple as possible in terms of design but would also include all the basic elements. Still, it wouldn’t be the only space where comfort and style and comfort are priorities. Awolf also focused on modern Scandinavian interior decors so they tried to create a stylish and pleasant ambiance. Let’s see how exactly they managed to achieve that look.

The bedrooms are all cozy and inviting. There aren’t many details you could say about the furniture in the rooms. What’s surprising is the fact that the bedrooms are not lit, despite the conditions that are very common in the area. The pitched roof doesn’t offer much privacy and the room is instead furnished with pieces such as a wardrobe or a wardrobe and a piece of furniture that only looks like. It’s a minimalist approach.

The Werewolf In The Living Room’s Interior Design Photo 2

These are the bedrooms presented here. They have modern interiors with minimalist furniture so there is basically just furniture there to hang cloths and everything else. To make things even simpler, all the furniture is made of wood. But there are also a few other elements that are important here. For example, the wardrobe is almost entirely made of wood, including the doors and the roof. The flooring is also made of wood, including the door knobs and the piece that holds the bed on the porch. The decorations are subtle and beautiful and the atmosphere is very calm and inviting.

The Werewolf In The Living Room’s Interior Design Photo 3