I’ve always thought that people pay a lot of attention to the details they choose for the things they make for us, for the furniture they use and for the decorations they make for our homes. But it’s true and most people would say that those details matter less and that’s because they’re busy with their decorations and their daily life. However, that’s not always true. There are lots of simple items that often have a bigger effect without having a drastic change in both the décor and the ambiance in the room.

1. The elo. The fireplace.

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Fireplaces are always focal points in any home. It’s why they have become a standard feature in all homes. But even so, a fireplace isn’t the focal point in a home. Of course, it’s a defining element and it always adds style and character to the space. That being said, a fireplace doesn’t necessarily have to be a focal point in the room. It can also be decorative. It’s a detail that can make the space feel warm, welcoming and cozy. It doesn’t have to be an accent detail. Just as long can be a statement.

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2. The fireplace.

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Of course, in order to obtain a striking décor for your home, you must also use a fireplace. It’s a main element in any room. It’s a characteristic that has a very strong meaning even though it can sound simple at first. Above the fireplace there’s usually a platform or fire pit that can be a great place to start. The fire pit can either stand out with its beautiful color and finish or it can blend in and become a chic focal point for that area.

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3. The stairs.

Railing is also a very common element. Most often it is seen in older homes and even in cantileiners. It can be a beautiful accent feature that complements the staircase perfectly. Staircases are usually supported by four straight wheels. So it’s not just a means of creating a new and original décor but a way of creating a focal point that would allow the décor to become uniform and the whole room to feel complete.

4. The bedroom.

The bedroom is a very relaxing area. Here, instead of choosing one neutral color for the décor, try mixing up a few pastel shades. Create subtle shades of blue and pink for the walls and greyish tones for the furniture. Add a bit of contrast with the help of accessories such as the bedding, the pillows or the pendant light fixtures. The result will be one that incorporates a variety of colors, patterns, textures and finishes.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.