Nowadays there aren’t many such places, but in Europe it’s starting to make a comeback because people no longer like living in a traditional environment. Here in Braga we have the place where tradition and simple things can creates new and interesting decorations. In this case we could say that the interior design is becoming more modern but we can’t say the same thing about the decorations because the purpose is similar to something more modern and less related to the style to avoid a bad time just like this.

Wine caddies can turn out to be very relaxing, comfortable and a functional décor. In this case we have a very cozy place. As you can see, there are lots of other ways to make the most of this space. We’re talking about the living room wine bar. To make one that looks more modern and even more natural you can start with a table and two chairs. The table can be the center of attention in this case.{found on joneswalk}.

The Living Room Wine Cafe In Braga – Spain Photo 3

Wine racks are not always needed but in this case they’re not usually accompanied by tables either. This one is rather small and it can easily fit in a double-height space between the window and the wall. As you can see, even a small wine rack can serve a double purpose. In fact, you can use the rack as a bench in the kitchen and as a table where it can be placed.