Sometimes, when a space is empty, you can still have a wonderful selection of wines on offer. It’s also more convenient if you have a home bar and you can still see your friends. Wine rack designs come in many forms and colors and there’s also the option of having one that matches the dining room sofa. These wine cooler designs also tend to make a statement, featuring bottles hanging from the rack and an overall vintage appeal.

This wine rack is very similar to one we’ve just presented you, only with a few obvious differences. The rack is built into the wall and is the main storage space of the club house dining room. Another interesting design is featured by the indoor-outdoor wine cellar. The rack is able to accommodate bottles on both sides and they can each be arranged in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Another beautiful thing about this wine cooler is the fact that it can be used in a variety of different ways.

Sometimes simplicity is the key to getting a classical look. This wine cooler covers almost all needs and seems like a very well-designed and practical design. Its shape is simple but that only makes it more practical. To get a classic look you can first have the tray holes planked the walls. This will allow you to create a series of vertical rows. It’s a practical option for large bottles but, more importantly, for bottles with elegant designs.Available on site.

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The wine cooler with room for five bottles is a real architectural treasure. It’s not something you see every day. This is actually a very nice display shelf. It’s made of thin wooden tubes that just pop out the side of the bottles, allowing you to store them inside the shelves. It’s a nice and simple way of displaying your favorite items.Available for 26$.

This is another very practical and clever wine rack, one that integrates in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors. This is actually a plywood piece and was made of high-density polystyrene. It’s solid, durable and perfect for most modern interiors.Available on site.

The wine cooler shelves are also very practical, especially in kitchens. Use them for magazines, books and spices for the kitchen and bottles of water for the bathroom. You can also use them in other spaces as well. The unit has a built-in rack for bottles.Available on site.

The reason why these wine cooler shelves are so practical is because they allow you keep your wine collection frozen and somewhere where you can easily access the content and also save space. The dimensions of the wine cooler racks are 7.75’’L x 3.75’’W x 13.45’’H and they also feature a space-saving design.Available for 250$.

With this wine cooler rack you’ll also be able to save lots of space in the kitchen by storing your wine in a closed system. It’s the perfect piece for the winter because it features a 5-step finish system that allows you to access all the bottles by sliding out 2 tiers. When not in use, you can find the place for the bottle racks. For example, you could use this piece in the laundry room.Available for $70.