This project took the owners a while to complete but the results are awesome. The project was developed by Patrick Nardi and it’s called Living Room Washingroom Washing Room. The name has been inspired by the look of a laundry room that can be used either in the kitchen, dining room or in the bedroom.

The result was a stylish living room washing room with a simple design and a colorful décor. The laundry room and the bathroom usually share a connection. Here, the vanities and cabinets have two colors: a soft blue with a warm and coral-like nuance and matte white which is a nice transitional shade that complements the warm wood tones. The contrast between the two colors is an extremely strong one.

The fact that the owners wanted a contrasting color for their new living room wall is interesting. This color is also one of the elements that set apart from all the other ones. The two tones are almost the same color but they each have different forms and colors and this sets them apart from one another.

The remodel of this living room was done by Patrick Nardi and Studio Urban Architects. As you can see, the whole layout and structure have been changed. There’s a big box that contains all the furniture and hidden in a box. The living room is connected to the kitchen, dining area and French room as well. The clients also decided to include a black wall in this case as well as all the furniture in the box.