Japanese design is the best choice for the most complex structures as you can imagine. Imagine the fact that the same designer had the idea of creating a hotel in Japan, but it had to combine the functionality and formity of the most popular west coast resorts. This project presented by the Living Room W Hotel in downtown Shinjuku, Japan was designed by Toshihito Yokouchi and it shows an example of the most tasteful combination of furniture and architecture.

The living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms are all furnished in a modular design and they compensate with the flexibility offered by the interior designs and the theme simply because they are furnished with pieces of furniture that follow a common structure and form.

The walls are painted white, and the back floor is made of transparent, allowing the users to choose what will be in there and what not according to their taste and preferences. The open kitchen has glass doors that allows natural light to fill the space, but also offers a nice view and allows different kinds of blooms and green views.

The Living Room W Hotel Combined Photo 6

The seating arrangements are placed in parallel on the open space linked to the kitchen that form a “foyer” that is decorated with modern “clo acting as the focal point of the villa.”

The interior furniture is very modern and elegant, and the details are nicely planned and thought out. Every little object is perfectly trained to coordinate with the furniture surrounding this open space, adding originality and being worth the time and effort. Every detail is important to the holder on the porch, and every color, texture, and little object in the house comes together because of the carefully designed mixture of tradition at the core of this project.