The living room is an open space that usually included everything you have on a daily basis. However, for Marti it’s more than just that. The living room collection called Marti azolime is the type of furniture that you would like to include in your living or some other room’s décor. The living room collection is created by Marti Guzzo and it’s located in Milan. The name of the collection is very appropriate because it means “dynamic”. The team that created this collection has the experience of working with a large range of brands and national designers. They have an extensive business portfolio to diversify their ideas and creativity.

Depending on the region, the lounge and the rest of the living room has certain features that enhance its décor. The furniture from the lounge is either made of vinyl, antique oak, softwood or wood veneer. The lounge is a modern space. The furniture is modern and sophisticated. The windows of the lounge are have flat shades and are enclosed with sleek blinds. The lounge is mainly painted in white.

The Living Room Tucson Azolima Leather Sofa By Marti Guzzo Photo 2

The sofa features a combination of matt white and warm brown. The full rug is located on the ground and go well with the furniture from the deck. The furniture is all made of recycled materials. The picture frames from the living room is painted with sustainable fiber choice of natural brown, beige, gray and black. The wall and ceiling from the patio, as well as small spaces like the bathroom or the bedroom are also painted in white. The oriental mask from the bedroom and lamp are black.

The Living Room Tucson Azolima Leather Sofa By Marti Guzzo Photo 3