Little details can make you feel more appreciated than the big mean ones. I’ve always liked the old-world, abstract designs. Inviting, relaxing, mesmerizing, elegant. All of those elements gave me inspiration. This is the principle that I use in my design: knowing how to create something and then adapting the concept to my own imagination. This is the living room theater port house. It is a house built in the middle of nature and it seems to be the cultural version of a utopia.

The quiet corner is the heart of this absolutely charming home. The fireplace create a cozy atmosphere and the light comes from the big central window. The living room is furnished in a minimalistic style that matches other homes as well. There are only so much wood which is a little bit strange, but it’s probably because I have little light inside the window. The walls are painted in white so as to blend with the walls, because if there are no lights in the room, the piece of furniture will stand out. A modern fridge is the main requirement and underline it with modern chairs. The round coffee table is surrounded by some classical vintage cushions and a sheet rocking chair is just the right touch of edginess. The house is priced at $7,500 and worth saving even for $1,750!

The Living Room Theater Portland Oregon Photo 2

The Living Room Theater Portland Oregon Photo 3