The garage usually offers you two options. One of them is a big shared entertainment space and the other one is a lavish home cinema. But the situation is different and for those who want both of these options, you can have both. This modern property is located on 23 Olive Grovemountain in Sydney, Australia. It’s a beautiful combination of a large residence and a stylish and inviting home and the simplicity of the design makes it ideal for both types of inhabitants.

The property includes three main zones. One of them is an area where the owners can enjoy time together as a family. It features a large lounge and, to make the transition from one area to another go through changes. In the living room, a series of spiraling stairs leads to a large covered porch that faces the same direction as the rest of the volume. The other volume has a glass front door that lets those passing by feel comfortable and welcome. The third level is where the private areas of the house are situated. Here there’s enough space for a large family and plenty of natural light to have better rest.

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