In the case of a house – or in other words anything that has an internal design and décor, it’s the living room. It’s one of the most important areas of the house and, in some cases, it’s also the room of the house theater. More often than not, the living room is the seating area, the central area where the family gathers to talk, caress the food, decide on a seat or create a relaxing area to enjoy.

A perfect example of the perfection you can create with the surrounding living room is this sitting room that has an interior patio. It’s very important to have a spacious living room, with a large sofa and some chairs, because, often, when you’re sitting in there, good luck and start your day refreshed. In this case, the image is perfect. And the picture is not overstated because the purpose of that is to create a comfortable and elegant décor, to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, a décor that maintains the balance between functional and aesthetic details.

The living room is surrounded by large area so it has plenty of natural light, so when you relax there for a few minutes, you can feel a lot more comfortable and cozy inside. And because the atmosphere seems almost mental, you get a boost from the decorations like the paintings, the flowers and all the paintings that can be admired from the window. The living room is connected to the dining room and to the kitchen so they are basically the same and this way they are all connected. There’s a lounge area and a bedroom just above it. Overall, it’s a very elegant and stylish room, perfect for relaxation.{found on birdseyeocd}.

The Living Room Theater Portland Photo 3