The first thing one admiring a bohemian living room probably would be the seating arrangement in which all the furniture is placed. This is the likely first scenario you’ll encounter. However, a living room can feature a ton of other interesting variations in terms of design, décor, etc. For example, a bohemian living room could feature ornate decorations, intricate embroidery and delicate and colorful accessories such as a beautiful chandelier or an eye-catching rug.

It’s common for living rooms to include a coffee table in order to complement the entertainment center. As everyone knows, coffee tables are functional pieces of furniture and their designs are versatile as well as inspired by the style of the rest of the living room. This living room is quite spacious. It actually distinguishes itself through the elegant wooden coffee table and the intricacy of the wall décor.

The Living Room Theater Boca Raton Photo 2

The living room is connected to the study room which is next to it. It’s also important for the living room to have a direct view to the master bedroom chandelier, the piano, the fireplace or the entertainment center. It’s not common for living rooms to have large windows and this one is special in the sense that it has a wonderful view.

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The second floor living room is also linked to the master bedroom through a revolving door. What’s also interesting is the continuity between all the different spaces. The sofa is next to the coffee table and between the open kitchen, the bedroom and the open dining area.

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The third floor living room is actually a single room. It’s a more open space that also includes a revolving door which leads to the first and second floor. It’s a cozy and intimate space with floor-to-ceiling windows, lots of light and views on the sea and the other rooms.

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