The living room is a space that we all concentrate ourselves and we try to make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Sometimes, when we have guests coming over, the corner has to be simple and to avoid disturbing the quiet atmosphere that is created by such activities. When you have a beautiful living room like this one, with big windows and glass walls, you wish you could be prepared and enjoy every moment of it. However, you might not expect to be presented with a beautiful view or with that lovely piece of furniture.

This apartment is the perfect example of a perfect living room. Above the living room is a beautiful and cozy terrace, perfect for relaxing and spending some time with someone. It’s an apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it was a project by Jesse Architects. Completed in 2015, the apartment got a new minimalist design that simpler and more practical.

The Living Room Theater Boca Do Box Photo 2

The owners requested the remodel of the living room and the project was based on three main requests. First, the owners wanted a large lounge that would also have an intimate atmosphere. Then, they also wanted to modernize their bathroom. The problem was, from the beginning, that the apartment didn’t look great at times and it seemed lifted to the limits of the apartment. The solution was to create a false wall and to use it as a divider. The walls were filled with concrete and pillar cladding. These two problems were solves themselves. However, the impressiveness of the design is not the only thing that impresses.

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The walls of the apartment gives it an industrial look but, in addition, the shape and material allow it to be functional as well as comfortable. The two most unique design features include the metal and glass partition from the living room and the bed against the black wall unit. The metallic bed frame is made of powder-coated steel and the frame is hand-hammered. The nightstand is made of wood and glass and the lamp is a customizable item.The mezzanine is a work space featuring a desk supported by the round bed and a set of shelves. The bed is the central feature of this small bedroom. By raising the bed on a platform, the architects integrated it into the room’s design and harmonized it with the matching sofa. Nghout Illalo designs the perfect blend between a modern décor and classical features. The high ceiling adds a dramatic touch to the room.{pictures by Imari}.