Have you ever thought of choosing the “living room” as your main restaurant? I wouldn’t because I don’t want to but I want to spend quality time there. That’s why people often look for it. It’s not easy to choose the right place. You work hard all over the country and in the countries where it’s available. Still, I haven’t found the right place to visit. Have a look at the “Living Room Hotel” here.

This place is a little beach themed restaurant and it’s true that there used to be an old hotel in there back in the 1920s. However, it was still a great place when it was renovated in 2013. The main idea was to restore the hotel and to give it a new image. The designers working at this project were Hola Design and Neay Navarro. They used a lot of fine materials and finishes and they also tried to create something new and innovative. However, the charm is now quite strong and you can definitely feel proud of the results.

Overall, the restaurant is a combination between a lounge and a dining area with a beamed ceiling covered with planters and decorated with colorful flowers. There are a lot of open spaces with simple but romantic details. It’s a nice idea to create a nice intimate atmosphere linked to the rest of the hotel and to have your guests here without having to constantly go through the trouble of trying to feel isolated. It’s a great idea to use contrasts in this case. Having exposed beams in the lounge and hanging vines through the beams in the kitchen and the living room are just some of the details that make this place unique and very beautiful.The location of this restaurant is great. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining, relaxation and entertainment in general.

The Living Room Restaurant Boynton Beach Flambos Photo 5