This is the Living Room Redwood City House, a modern residence designed by Archiplan Studio in collaboration with interior design specialists EAT+home. The house is located in the small city of Dallas, in Texas. The client owned the house for 10 years and it all was designed and implemented quickly and effectively.

The client was also an interior designer so everything reflects this. The Living Room Redwood City House is a redwood tree house with a little bit of a rustic influence. The house is a split level that contains a small living area. Redwood tree trunks serve as vertical spaces that allow the users to see all sorts of decorations through there. The house’s glass walls create an emerald green effect. The glass front porch is like a shimmering mirror that reflects the trees and the redwood.

The glass wall lets natural light invade the house’s interior, making it more luminous. A fragantly-colored wreath adorns the door between the dining room and the kitchen. As for the rest of the spaces, the living room is very simple, a single classy element that gives it flavor. The house also includes a large kitchen island with a wine-rack, a comfortable velvet sofa and red wood accents. There’s also a spacious dining area with red Eames vinyl chairs, a marble table and 4- with comfortable, Italian-style chairs upholstered in red leather.