The living room on this level is very similar to what you see on the water. The location is very nice. The views are beautiful and very close to nature. The house is simple and has panoramic views of the ocean. The most interesting elements about living rooms on this level would have to be the views. The house offers panoramic views when viewed from above.

As for the interior, the house features a combination of classical and modern elements. It’s a mixture between contemporary and vintage. The rooms resemble elements from a sci-fi movie. They are designed to resemble large scenes from a sci-fi movie like guards being captured on a big screen and the action gets started. The Palazzo is a luxurious home and it’s indeed one of the most beautiful and luxurious ones in the world.

The building is situated on a beautiful hill and it provides panoramic views of the mountains as well as the ocean. The living area features floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The house was built in 2005. It features a contemporary design with large open spaces and stylish interior decors. It benefits from spectacular views as well from the airy sitting areas. The sitting areas are just as interesting and beautiful.