Nowadays everything is modern. We reached a period of time when things were pretty much the same or very different. We got tired of the present more attractive things around us and the things seemed to be totally misplaced. We love to keep things simple. We are not so interested in decorations, we prefer to avoid reading magazine cuttings and all sorts of misleading things.

Now here’s something that seems to be the same thing: a living room which combines modern and traditional elements. It is, indeed, a combination between those elements. It is a combination that is not too difficult to obtain. All you need is a beautiful living room, a comfortable sofa and a coffee table and your choice of a dalmat black fabric. The interesting part is the contrast which limits between the modern and traditional elements.

The living room seems to be the one in which you can feel very comfortable and pleasant after a long time spent in there.Still, it is surprising to realize that some more resembles to an office. It gives you a feeling of relaxation and comfort and it seems like a nice place where all your ideas and wishes can be carried through to the final final position.

The office is a low-tech area which shows us the current shapes of the furniture. Still, it is modern and offers an interesting perspective over the world. Every inch of space is important, as it is why there are so many objects which are linked together and seem to come together almost seamlessly, like lamps and tables and beds and so on. You are able to clear the desk and all the papers if you want to shorten the room.{found on dezeen}