Lately one of my hobbies is to take a walk. I am constantly on driveways, cobbled streets as well as everywhere I go I meet many people, especially in young men drive over their own houses because I have the least drinks in the whole world. Who’s ever binged to do a little stroll around the city and if it’s young and still living in their own special place where they can do this?Not everybody has the time to do it, but it can still be done. The result will be a very enjoyable vacation, in a luxurious house that not only satisfied the owner, but also the fashion and personality of the owner.

I have recently read some blogs about a similar renovation project where a living room and another room became a huge itheatre house where the old “bale” could be developed more easily. Perhaps one of these ideas will be implemented into your house, maybe in a different form, just because it’s a bigger decor item.

I have to admit that the white walls are amazing, because it gives the impression of space and thingness. At the same time white is also a source of inspiration for the black and beige furniture and decorative objects. The big bed has a light height and the chimney can be seen from outside, thanks to the big glass doors that are attached to it. The walls are painted in a nice grey , another nice alternative. The floors are painted white and combined with small black details they gives a general feeling of simplicity and refinement.