This is the perfect room for you to get some creative with your decor, especially if the purpose is to create a romantic and stylish décor for the room. There are a lot of beautiful collections out there if you know where to look. Today we’re going to check out the Living room missony which has been the subject of several of our articles but youd never know until you look.

The room was first but it has never been done with the help of ombre curtains. But now it’s time with the curtains. They are a very beautiful and versatile element to complement and to introduce color into the room. But this time there’s also another detail that makes them so beautiful. There are several models to choose from. Here are the latest ones that we found on behance.

The colors used are very bright and vibrant. This way they become more vibrant when they are encountered in the right context. This is a very beautiful and versatile room divider that would look particularly nice in a game room. The minimalistic details are just a way to make the transition between games easier. Here are the colors: natural tones such as peach, coral or olive and vibrant tones such as orange, yellow or navy.

The Living Room Missoula Mtv Photo 4

The entertainment center is an important element in this case. It’s why the different heights and open spaces featured on several sides of the fireplace and on both sides of the TV wall planter are perfect for this space. If you have open floor plans in your home then you can take advantage of them and turn this room into the perfect location for your relaxing moments. If your living room is spacious enough, consider complementing the entertainment center with a set of low-hanging pendant lights.

And we’re back to the center of the room. This is the kitchen. The ceiling is also very interesting and eye-catching, featuring an oversized geometric print of a giant hexagon and being installed at approximately the same level as the flooring in the kitchen.{pictures by Barry Halkin}.