The martinsburg house is located in Kenneh Forest, one of the most wood forment lands in the country, in beautiful Montana, USA. It was designed by local architect David Walentas and it sits on a 2 acre site. The house is constructed in steel and glass and it was completed in 2009.

The solid foundation and the solid foundation and fact that the house was built on a steep hill with a very steep slope dictated some very specific conditions for the construction. These factors were beautifully exemplified during the planning of the project. The solid foundation and the roof are the major elements that establish the elegance of the house.

While the house is placed somewhere very close to the forest floor, it is not actually a very high drop off into the ground. That’s because it was designed for a family with three children. The reason for that is that the living area sits low one meter up and the house has four floors. The house is not the only place that offers kids a good amount of privacy but it is also a very high drop off from the road. The materials chosen for the house have long standing environmental concerns for close buildings and a sustainable approach has been applied everywhere.The martinsburg house is located near the Cascade Mountain Range on the southern side of Montana’s Madison County.{pics byReadnz Photography}.