How about a project like a Spanish architectural firm, José Carlos Cruz ? This is a team that I’m sure would love to meet with you. They are a team made up of Pierre Carone, Arturo Bulanch, Alvar Aalto and Jual Padov.I guess they’ll be very proud to have us on their property.

The most important feature about this house is that, even though it occupies a large area on three levels, the house and the garden seem to float above the lagoon in the most comfortable manner. The design of the house is modern and simple, yet a little rustic and also a little rustic.

The walls are completely white, and the place is filled with natural light. The amplitude serenity is what makes this house interesting. The two oak floors spread around the house contain the suspended concrete stairs that take you to the next level. On the first level are found the private rooms, including the bedrooms. The solid oak walls create a strong contrast with all the other white pieces of furniture. The oak walls seem to transport you back to a time when everything was white, and when every object has been given a different color. The suspended stairs are the highlight of this house and make it possible for those who go back from a tourist itinerary to the beach.

The next level holds the transformable rooms, and on the third level there is a workshop that process the various parts of the project. The amazing glass surfaces make it possible to have the wonderful outside atmosphere inside. The pieces of furniture are modern and simple, something that would be the ideal basis for displaying the art of this house.