Since the living room is a flexible and multifunctional space, if you have a fireplace, a TV and at least one comfortable chair, you should probably take advantage of this fact and choose a rather unconventional design. Maybe the fireplace can be the focal point, transforming the room into a relaxing and cozy space, interesting without necessarily making it seem particularly boring.

La Sierra Club’s living room was reconfigured from a classical and conservative type of room into a modern and dynamic space. The goal was not to reinstate the architecture or the theme of the remodeling but to simply improve its simplicity and authenticity. The materials had to be similar regardless of the style.

The Living Room La Encantada Photo 3

The designers used simple materials such as reclaimed lumber, inexpensive new hardware and vintage accessories. The result was a cohesive décor that invites casual interaction and has a comfortable and inviting look. The team was inspired by the history of the building and they used simple but reliable materials and finishes such as wood.

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The designers made sure to highlight the contrast between old and new and to highlight the designer’s continuous experience in the design and influences. The living room is no exception. The furniture in here is minimal, simple and basic, ensuring that the décor stays fresh and modern without looking austere or cold.

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As you can see, the living room is mostly defined by simplicity and functionality. The exposed brick walls give the space a rough and edgy look but the wood also offers the designers great flexibility in terms of color palette and texture. The brick wall fireplace warms up the atmosphere. At the same time, the eye is drawn into the dining room by the bold table and the yellow wall.

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Being situated on the north-west side of the building, the house benefits from truly spectacular views. The corner it’s at is dominated by the large windows. The windows are very nicely framed by an arched lip that separates the arched and the simple and uniform design that maintains these elements.

A sliding window separates the sitting area from the rest of the spaces. The wall that separates the social area from the outdoor zone, being only one of the two windows, is covered while the rest only has a few slits in the ceiling for a casual look.

The wall that separates the social area from the closed off area is also covered in wood. Only an area was made in exposed concrete. The biggest concentration of wood is reserved for the wall that separates the kitchen from the office level.

All the colors schemes and all the furniture and accessories are carefully and evenly distributed. Only the central living area has anything that could interfere with the décor. Even so, the atmosphere remains airy and inviting and the ambiance is pleasant and inviting. All wall and ceiling treatments are handcrafted from wood. Metal sconces are used in the kitchen for balance and elegance.

The master bedroom also has an arched ceiling that extends to cover portions of the wall. This ensures a pleasant and relaxing ambiance throughout. Similarly, a small workspace is placed opposite the bed. This ensures a well-balanced décor throughout.

There’s also a guest room, a bathroom which is quite similar in terms of layout. Features like the soaking tub are custom-designed, being inspired by the beach hut and serving communal bath. The master bathroom features a wraparound shower wall that frames the floating bed. The master bathroom also has a quirky, playful and quirky design with walls and ceiling clad in reclaimed oak wood. Each room is small but very convenient, with the good room and private areas.